The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-1: In Deep Trouble

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Stage 1-1: In Deep Trouble (Japanese: ぼうけんへしゅっぱつ, Departing on an Adventure) is the first area of Gluglug Lagoon in The Legendary Starfy.


The story begins with the mysterious kid knocked out on the sea floor, Big Squiddy sleeping beside them, and Starfy yelling as him and Moe fall and land on Big Squiddy. He recovers and grabs the kid, and takes off with him. Starfy and Moe begin to swim after them.

Starfy enters a door, and meets Mermaid on the other side. She's very excited to meet Starfy, and guesses that he's going on another adventure and offers her help. If he recognizes any of the shells Mermaid has, he can tell her all about the stuff he did.

Then Mermaid introduces the Mermaid Gossip, and wishes Starfy good luck on his adventure.

In the next room, Starfy finds treasure and Moe's Diary is inside.

Moe can be found waiting at the goal. In the Japanese version, his voice can also be heard.

NOTES #1 - Moe's Diary: "Here We Go Again!"

Looks like Starfy and I got swept up into another adventure! Sheesh! I tried to stop him! Well, as long as he checks the Abilities screen from the pause screen and listens to my brilliant ideas, I think we'll be all right.

Later on, Starfy meets up with Moe. Unfortunately, Moe wasn't able to catch Big Squiddy and he still has 'that kid who fell from the sky'. Moe tries to persuade Starfy into heading back up to Pufftop, but immediately notices a shiny crystal Starfy is holding onto. Starfy explains that he found it after that kid crashed through the roof of Starfy's room, and he thinks it belongs to them, but Moe still insists on going back to Pufftop.

But, against Moe's wishes, Starfy is set on giving back the crystal to the kid, and Moe begrudgingly accepts, but he wants to leave for home after. Moe leaves and Starfy follows him.


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