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Where'd they go?!
TLS Sleep.png This user is on a temporary hiatus because of too many projects: she is working on improving Sanrio Wiki, but will pop in to do one new article on this wiki and other wikis she edits, and fight vandalism.. They will return to normal activity on an unspecified date, when both wikis are broader in scope. If you have any messages that you wish to send them, please wait until then.


of Starfy Wiki

Hi there. ✿ I'm the editor in chief of Starfy Wiki, ask me anything on my talk page about the direction of the site/projects and I'll be more than happy to help ^^.

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Most of the time you can probably find me here, Sanrio wiki, NintendoWiki, a new Nintendo Credits Project I started or doing art (even though I can't draw)/fan game project.

User:Torchickens/List of objects : I want this to be a list of objects in the The Legendary Starfy games, with their official names (in-game, guidebook, manual, etc.) where applicable.

Fan translation status

Complete (but I don't endorse it anymore, beta here)


Hi, I'm Evie (Torchickens). I'm currently the editor-in-chief of Starfy Wiki. (However, with the lack of knowing new information at the moment means I'm more like the coordinator/maintanence person with User:Michael). It's nice to meet you.

New interests

  • The Legend of Zelda series
  • Custom-Robo series
  • Hamtaro on Game Boy Advance
  • I'm now a Sanrio nerd

Pet projects


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