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*'''1-2: Star Spin''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-2: Star Spin]]
*'''1-2: Star Spin''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-2: Star Spin]]
*'''1-3: Mysterious Powers''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-3: Mysterious Powers]]
*'''1-3: Mysterious Powers''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-3: Mysterious Powers]]
*'''1-4: Big Squiddy Brawl'''
*'''1-4: Big Squiddy Brawl''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-4: Big Squiddy Brawl]]
*'''1-5: ???? (Secret 1)''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-5: ????]]
*'''1-6: ???? (Secret 2)''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-6: ????]]
*'''1-7: ???? (Secret 3)''': Covered at [[The Legendary Starfy/Stage 1-7: ????]]
Starfy encounters [[Fat Cat]] and [[Kit Fish]]. Starfy asks them if they've seen a 'long-eared kid' run by, but before Fat Cat can respond, Kit Fish is extremely excited to see a prince, and she asks tons of questions. She's cut off by Fat Cat calling her out on her manners. Fat Cat has seen the one Starfy describes, but then he notices the crystal Starfy has, and he's seen something like the shards around the area as well.
He tells Starfy that Big Squiddy had one and about the temperature fluctuating from hot, to cold, then hot again.
Kit Fish gets an idea, she tells Starfy that there's 'a wise man with a white mustache' near, and he should see him. She tells him that he lives in [[Hotcha Springs]], on the other side of Gluglug Lagoon. But in order to get to him, Starfy has to go through Big Squiddy. She tells Starfy to be careful.
After escaping Big Squiddy, Starfy finds a Guard Uniform inside a treasure chest.
Starfy and Moe encounter the kid again, and they tell the two to get away from them. Moe tells them that they're not the bad guys, and that they just came back to give them the crystal that they keep dropping. The two introduce themselves to the kid. Moe asks the kid if they're okay, and the kid is fine, so they calm down. Moe asks the kid their name, and the kid respond with '[[Bunston]]', but their mind is still blank.
They remembered their name, and a little bit of their memory came back: They were being chased by bad guys, and they were protecting something. Moe asks what they were protecting and what the goons were chasing after, but Bunston doesn't know. It's probably something important.
Starfy wants to help Bunston get his memories back. Moe agrees, and Bunston apologizes for burdening them, but it's alright with Moe, since they don't have anything better to do.
Moe brings up the transformation that Bunston did to Starfy earlier, and Bunston mentions that he feels a connection with Starfy, and he can transform Starfy using his [[Monstar]] power.
Bunston transforms Starfy into Monstar, and Starfy clears a path by burning the weeds in front of them.
After clearing the path, Bunston brings up the crystal. it brought back memories, but he doesn't know what the shard is.
Starfy thinks that the shard broke off of something, and Bunston agrees with him. He comes to the conclusion that if they found what it broke off of, they can connect the pieces together, and Bunston's memory will come back. Bunston gives Bunston's Collection as a gift.
In a hidden room, you'll find treasure that contains a Calling All Challengers pamphlet.
'''''NOTES #4 - "Calling All Challengers" - A pamphlet by Fat Cat'''''
''Come one, come all! if you dare challenge a sumo master who laughs in the face of Big Squiddy, come see me!''
''The Legendary Wrestler, Fat Cat''
'''Sub-Game Room 3'''
In order to enter this room, you need to find a key hidden in a bubble.
When you enter the room, ou find Kit Fish, who says Starfy will be more famous if he wrestled her dad. Starfy agrees.
Starfy wins, and Kit Fish marks Secret 3 on the map.
Starfy enters the boss room, and Starly appears in front of everyone. She tells everyone about the current state of Pufftop, and she wants to know what's been going on with Starfy and Moe. Starly notices Bunston and Moe explains what's been going on.
Starly lets Starfy know that he can call on her any time to get help from her.
Starfy battles Big Squiddy and defeats him. Starfy obtains a shard, and the shards that him and Bunston have fused together.
Moe tells the two that their next location is Hotcha Springs, where they'll look for [[Old Man Lobber]].
*'''1-5: ???? (Secret 1)'''
Starfy finds treasure. It's Herman's Diary.
'''''NOTES #5 - Herman's Diary: "Big Squid"'''''
''Boy, that was scary, man! I was just grabbed by that same giant squid! I thought I was done for, but then I pressed back and forth on the D-Pad to wriggle out of his grasp just long enough to escape!''
*'''1-6: ???? (Secret 2)'''
Starfy outswims Big Squiddy once more. After escaping and finding a secret hidden door, you find the Elite Pufftop Guard's Journal.
'''''NOTES #6 - Elite Pufftop Guard's Journal: "All of a Sudden"'''''
''GUARD'S LOG: Pufftop was attacked at 0900 hours by a group of unidentified enemies. Prince Starfy chased them off, but it's possible that they may return, so we will remain on high alert. More as further events unfold...''
*'''1-7: ???? (Secret 3)'''
Starfy clears a path by burning the weeds in the way, using Monstar. After he finds Bunston's journal.
'''''NOTES #7 - Bunston's Journal: "My Powers"'''''
''It seems that I have the power to transform things... I don't know where this power comes from. And when I'm with Starfy, the power is really strong! Maybe Starfy can help me master this power...?''

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Gluglug Lagoon
Japanese Name Sea of Beginning, はじまりの海, Hajimari no umi
Greater Location {{{glocation}}}
Affiliations {{{affiliations}}}
Residents Coddie
Ruler {{{ruler}}}
Enemies Unu, Wahi Wahi, Seawee, Tuft Guy, Swerl, Whamster, Goblup, Coddie (The Legendary Starfy), Modoki, Pinpin, Snark and Meramera (Densetsu no Starfy 2)
Areas (levels) 7(The Legendary Starfy), 8 (Densetsu no Stafy 2)
Stage Boss Puchi Ogura #2 and Pekin Duck Model (Densetsu no Starfy 2) Big Squiddy (The Legendary Starfy)
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 2
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Gluglug Lagoon (Stage 1-3)

Gluglug Lagoon is the first stage in The Legendary Starfy and the second one in Densetsu no Starfy 2. In The Legendary Starfy, Starfy starts off his adventure with a "PLOP!" on Big Squiddy's head, then the chase for Bunston starts.

In Densetsu no Starfy 2

Major events

  • Mekani-jiisan gives Starfy the Balloon.
  • Starfy fights Puchi Ogura #2 and Pekin Duck Model.

In The Legendary Starfy

Major events